Taste the World

During a spring day in April, I proposed to Ranu that we should aim to cook something from every country in the world. "Yes!", he said and here we are. Not only is the goal to cook a meal from every country, but from as many different cuisines as possible. Ranu, my dear historian, is also diving into the history of different food cultures. If we are lucky, that means that a short summary will be included in these posts at some point. As a human rights nerd, it might also be the case that some related human rights facts will be included. So, especially during times of staying at home, let's travel around the world one meal at a time.



In April, Ranu and I celebrated the Bengali New Year. Ranu prepared this amazing dinner, containing several dishes which have become favourites of mine.



Sweden, my motherland. Not necessarily known for its amazing food, but we certainly have some dishes which might be interesting to get to know more.



Weißer Spargel mit Sauce Hollandaise und Kartoffeln

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It is time to take a closer look at the Vietnamese cuisine. Both Ranu and I love Vietnamese food, even if we do not have much experience cooking it. I tried to find some nice recipes, by looking up Vietnamese food bloggers and the like. The sources for the different recipes will be linked down below. If you find any...