What I Packed for Three Weeks in Europe


If you follow me on Instagram (@emma.lennhammer) you already know that I went on a three weeks long vacation/study trip in Europe this summer. I travelled by train to Amsterdam to take a course on international criminal justice at Vrije University.

These are all the clothes I brought with me on this trip. At least if we talk about "regular clothes" - of course I also brought clothes for working out, shoes, pyjamas etc. The main purpose of this trip was to go to Amsterdam and study international criminal justice for two weeks, but I also travelled to other places by train on my way there and back. During the two weeks I stayed in Amsterdam I had access to a washing machine, so doing laundry was not an issue. This also meant that I could pack fewer items fortunately.

I attended a lot of lectures at the university and visited the International Criminal Court and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, but also hung out with the other students. This meant that I needed clothes that fit for all occasions, hence bringing three shirts and trousers.

I decided to bring:

- Black blouse in silk from Filippa K, bought secondhand via Sellpy

- Silk blouse from H&M, bought secondhand via Sellpy

- Silk blouse I bought when I was in high school (2012/2013)

- White blouse in cotton bought in 2017

- 2 blue shirts from Ralph Lauren, secondhand via Sellpy

- White and purple shirt from Gant, secondhand via Sellpy

- Cardigan from when I was in high school (2012/2013)

- 2 black skirts bought secondhand via Sellpy

- Trousers in organic cotton