The Vietnamese restaurant called Mihn Mat, located right by Vasaparken in Stockholm, is a very popular spot for both lunch and dinner. It is often difficult to get a table, especially to have lunch. One of the reasons that they are so popular, besides offering excellent food, is probably that they have several vegan options on the menu. I know that it is a popular spot for my friends because of this at least.

I recently bought the vegan dish of the day; Bún Chả Viên Chiên. I just loved it, even though it was quite hot. The tofu balls were fried with sesame seeds and served with rice noodles, mung beans, day lily, chilli, taro, cashews, five spices, onion, pepper, roasted shallot, cucumber, unripe mango, cilantro and Thai basil. It was served with a fermented soybean sauce on the side.