Trying to stick to a vegan diet can be hard sometimes, especially when going out to eat. Or let me put it this way; it is hard if you do not know where to go. I find it quite easy nowadays since I only send the restaurant an e-mail beforehand or ask them when I arrive. I have never experienced it being any trouble, but of course, it is nice to know which restaurants are considered to be more vegan-friendly. Therefore I thought I would make a post with links to the vegan-friendly restaurants I have reviewed.


Restaurant Nalen claims to focus on making sustainable food made from scratch. The restaurant has earned the Swedish sustainability labels Svanen and KRAV. Several of their vegetarian options could be made vegan, so I ordered some kind of stew which was excellent. I would definitely eat here again. I really liked the atmosphere at Nalen and the staff was very kind, which made the experience even more pleasant.


The food was not bad, but it was not that great either. The people I had dinner with were not especially impressed with their food either, so it was not just me. Unfortunately, the service was not that great. All in all, this would not be my first-hand choice if I wanted a really great dinner in Stockholm, but the food was still ok.

Mr Voon

If you love Miss Voon, you will probably also enjoy Mr Voon. Miss Voon is more of a tapas sort of place, whereas Mr Voon serves their food in "regular" sizes. It did not say on the menu that they had vegan options, but when I asked them they told me that some of the dishes are vegan and some can be made vegan instead of lacto-ovo vegetarian. All in all, I can highly recommend Mr Voon if you are looking for a nice vegan-friendly restaurant in Stockholm to have dinner.

Kale & Crave

As far as I understand, they always have a vegan option on the menu. When we were there they offered a vegan beet fricadelle with tomato sauce, kale, black rice, a cashew sauce and popcorn. Yes, popcorn!

Serving a dish with popcorn might seem weird, but it was not as weird as expected. Sure, it felt a bit out of the ordinary to have popcorn on a plate of food, but it is fun to try new things. However, I would make this at home to be honest. Otherwise, the food was quite nice and I could have lunch there again, but it will not become my "go-to" place for a vegan lunch since there are so many other excellent vegan-friendly places in Stockholm.