I recently went to have dinner at Nalen at Regeringsgatan 74 in Stockholm. Nalen, or Nationalpalatset as it used to be called, used to be 'the' place for jazz musicians in Stockholm - and who does not love jazz, right? I was there to see Postmodern Jukebox and had dinner at the restaurant before the concert began.

Restaurant Nalen claims to focus on making sustainable food made from scratch. The restaurant has earned the Swedish sustainability labels Svanen and KRAV, which means several things;

  • The Svanen-label concerns the energy and water consumption, waste management (minimising waste), rate of organic produce used and the number of vegetarian options on the menu.

  • Being certified by KRAV means that the quality of the produce used is controlled independently. A restaurant can earn 1-3 stars, depending on the rate of approved produce used. One star means that at least 25 procent (or 15 items) of the produce is approved by KRAV, two stars means that the rate should be at least 50 procent and three stars means at least 90 procent. According to KRAV's website Nalen has earned one star, so there is room for improvement.

They seem to always have a vegetarian option on the menu, but to be sure I contacted them beforehand to ask if it was possible to get a vegan dish. I got an extremely nice answer and was told that it would not be a problem at all. As it turned out, several of their vegetarian options could be made vegan, so I ordered some kind of stew which was excellent. I would definitely eat here again. I really liked the atmosphere at Nalen and the staff was very kind, which made the experience even more pleasant.


Nalen Stockholm
Regeringsgatan 74, 111 39 Stockholm