I just love Miss Voon, so when I was invited to have dinner at Mr Voon I was quite excited. Miss Voon is more of a tapas sort of place, whereas Mr Voon serves their food in "regular" sizes. It did not say on the menu that they had vegan options, but when I asked them they told me that some of the dishes are vegan and some can be made vegan instead of lacto-ovo vegetarian.

As a starter I ordered the dish called "green asparagus"; tempura asparagus with ramson. I really liked it. I then had the organic tofu with chiu chow, mung beans and bok choy. If I had to guess, I believe that the tofu they used was the smoked tofu from Yipin - which I do not really like. I had it at a restaurant at Yasuragi as well and every time I am served this tofu, it makes the whole dish taste the same as the tofu. I really loved the dish otherwise, but I wish that they could make their own tofu or at least prepare the tofu themselves. All in all, I can highly recommend Mr Voon if you are looking for a nice vegan-friendly restaurant in Stockholm to have dinner.

Mr Voon

Mr Voon Stockholm
Smålandsgatan 26, 111 44 Stockholm