Tetor Daal



First, cut the bitter gourds into very thin slices. Fry them in mustard oil until they are crisp and set them aside. Secondly, peel the bottle gourd, cut it into two centimetre cubes and blanche them in salted hot water until they are half done. Drain the water and set the bottle gourd cubes aside. Then wash the lentils and boil them in a cooking pot. Add turmeric powder and chilis while boiling. When the lentils are 80 per cent done, heat the remaining mustard oil in a separate pan. Temper the panchphoron in the oil, add the ginger paste and transfer them to the pot with lentils. Add salt, sugar, half-done bottle gourd, fried bitter gourd slices and let them boil for a few more minutes until it is done. Add ghee and serve with rice.


80 grams moong daal

80 grams chana daal

2 bitter gourds (korola)

250 grams bottle gourd (lau)

1 tsp panchphoron

2 tbsp fresh ginger paste

1 tsp turmeric powder 

2 green chilis

1 tbsp sugar

Mustard oil