Gáhkku (Sámi Flatbread)

I tried to find a authentic recipe of this bread and used this one by Susanne Jonsson, who says she got it from her grandmother.

Ingredients (8-10 portions)

500 ml cold water or milk

25 grams of fresh yeast

50 ml syrup

1 tsp salt

ca 1,3 litre wheat flour

75 grams of butter


Pull the yeast apart in the water, syrup, salt and half of the flour. Work the dough until it is firm and nice. Let it rest for 20 minutes. Then, add the rest of the flour and the butter. Continue kneading the dough. Now, you can either let it rest over dight in the fridge covered under a cloth or for an hour outside of the fridge.

After the dough has rested, cut it into 8-10 pieces. Let them rest again, for a little while. With a rolling pin, flatten them in a round shape. Use a fork (if you do not have those textured rolling pins, which are quite common in Sweden) to perforate the flattened bread.

According to Susanne's recipe, she used the oven. However, we saw that it was possible to bake them on the stove in a pan - which we did. Bake in a dry pan on both sides until it gets a nice golden colour. 

We served it with butter and cloudberry jam, because what is more associated with northern Sweden than cloudberries (hjorton).