I have been waiting a couple of weeks to finish this review, since I have made several orders from Sellpy recently and wanted to write a review based on all of these orders instead of just one. My general experience with Sellpy is positive, even though there are several things I want to highlight in regards to what could be done better.

I want to begin by saying that I love Sellpy. It's an excellent service with a clear and sustainable purpose; they help you sell and buy preloved clothes. I haven't used it to sell clothes, so this will be a review of their webshop. Sellpy is linked to Tradera, which basically is a Swedish version of eBay. They sell secondhand clothes via both Tradera and their own website. How does it work? Initially, the items are published via Tradera, where people can bid on them. If there aren't any bids, the item later appears in their own webshop, which is called Sellpy Market. From time to time they also lower the prices on the items which aren't being sold.

One of the main reasons I love Sellpy, except for the obvious ones, is that it is easy to use and very organised. It's easy to use their website and find pieces you like. The filter-system is great, where you can filter by size, colour, materials et cetera. I don't believe their website could be any better, to be honest. The suggested items, based on earlier searches for example, is also great and it usually shows items I would actually consider buying.

When you bid on something from Sellpy via Tradera, you could buy things within two days and they all will be delivered together. This means that you can save some money on shipping if you would like. I have usually won at least one auction and then put some items from Sellpy Market in my order as well. It's really quite easy to get a hang on, which I believe is key in making people buy more clothes secondhand.

Even though I love Sellpy, and have ordered from them several times and probably will order from them in the future, there are several aspects of their service which I believe could be better.

I found that the delivery took quite some time. I don't usually complain about delivery times, since I rarely need things right away. However - Sellpy's delivery time is unusually long. I even got an e-mail from them where they apologised for this. It usually takes them at least a week to send the order, and then another few days to actually receive it. I would say that you should be prepared to wait approximately two weeks for your order to arrive, even though it might arrive earlier. 

Something else I've also noticed is that the descriptions on their website not always match the items. This is understandable, since they sell so many items at once. However, this means that you have to double check everything; size, colour and that the dress is actually a dress and not a shirt. The pictures aren't always that great either, which means that the colour isn't always accurate. It's also sometimes hard to tell the condition of the items, because the pictures could be blurry.

The plastic packaging - oh dear. Every single piece of clothing you order end up in a plastic bag. I understand that this makes sorting things easier for them, but there are other options than plastic out there.

This is it for now and if my opinion changes in the future I will update this post. I hope you find this review helpful!

Update 31/3 2019: I was informed that there is no collective labour agreement and that Sellpy doesn't consider evenings and weekends to be inconvenient working hours. This is obviously something to discuss further.

Update 3/4 2019: I got an answer from Sellpy regarding the lack of a collective labour agreement and you can read their answer in Swedish here (link).