I thought I would answer your questions about my trip with Interrail. If you have more questions, you can write them in the comment section below.

Q: How much did you pay for your ticket?

A: I paid 3 844 SEK for my ticket. The price depends on your age, how many days you want to travel and in which class. I choose the first class ticket since I could use some of the lounges during the trip which made the waiting times at train stations a lot less stressful. There is often something to eat and a place to sit down while you wait. 

Q: Did you buy tickets for each day?

A: First, I bought the Interrail pass. Then I reserved seats for each travel day since I wanted to be sure to get a seat. Also, in some countries seat reservations are mandatory. 

Q: Was it easy to book the trip?

A: Yes. I bought my ticket from the Interrail website and then called the Swedish office to get help to reserve the seats. The only downside is that you couldn't get the pass and reservations in your phone/computer or print out yourself. Instead, you hade to get them in the mail. I find that quite inconvenient.

Q: Was it possible to be spontaneous and change trains whenever you wanted? Were the trains full?

A: Sometimes, yes. In some countries seat reservations are mandatory. However, when we had trouble with a train one of the days there were no issues with being spontaneous and taking another train without reservations. We also took an earlier train once, and there was no issue at all. The trains were not full, what I could see. Q: How did you book your tickets?

A: I bought my ticket on the Interrail website. 

Q: Did you have to reserve seats?

A: In some countries, yes. We reserved seats for the whole trip though and the seat reservations did cost extra.

Q: I read that you had travelled to London by train from Sweden some years ago, how did you do it?

A: I actually travelled from London to Sweden. I lived in London with my family and when we moved back to Sweden, we took a trip by train on the way home. You can see how I got to Paris by train this summer, and then in Paris it's possible to take a train to London via the Eurotunnel.