As you already know, I love both Bruns frisörer (frisörer=hairdressers) and their products. This brand is located in Skåne, in the south of Sweden, and focuses on "green hair care". They have two salons; one in Malmö and one in Lund. I used to live right next to the one in Malmö, so naturally I went there when I wanted my hair cut.

Since a few years back they make their own hair care products. As far as I know they have several shampoos and conditioners, and a few styling products (maybe some kind of hair mask as well if I remember correctly). The most recent products from them are the so called silver shampoo and conditioner, which is made for blonde, grey and bleached hair. The products are violet, since it makes any yellow tones in the hair less noticeable.

I'm blonde and my hair often tends to look a bit yellow and even reddish from time to time. Even though I do not know if this shampoo and conditioner would really make a difference colour wise for me, I have decided to use them instead of the regular shampoo and conditioner from Bruns. I believe that some parts of my hair that are way lighter (for example my fringe) appear to be less yellow. However, I will not swear on it. I will continue using them though, since they might actually help a bit now when the hair is lighter after the sunny summer. Both the shampoo and conditioner is absolutely wonderful for my hair, like the other products from Bruns. With regular shampoo and conditioner, even with other organic ones, my hair tends to get quite dry and dull. With this brand, it just stays very soft and nice. Definity worth their price in other words!