In 2008, Filippa K opened their second hand store in Stockholm. They sell both preloved items, but also some of their clothes from earlier collections which have not been sold. It is thus possible for people that want to sell their clothes from Filippa K to use this service offered by the brand Filippa K itself. When the item is sold, you receive 40 percent of the sales value.

I am really fond of the style of the clothes from Filippa K and it feels like a nice brand to promote for several reasons - one being this initiative which supports a more circular economy. I had been looking for both a blazer and a skirt, which I found when I went to Filippa K Second Hand. I bought a grey blazer and a dark blue skirt in mint condition. If I remember correctly, I paid 950 SEK for the blazer and 800 SEK for the skirt, which I found quite fair.

Filippa K Second Hand

Filippa K Second Hand
Hornsgatan 77, 118 49 Stockholm