Less is More - Why I Have a Minimalist Wardrobe


Decluttering my wardrobe was what really made me realise how a minimalist approach actually can change your life. It might seem to be such a small thing, but it made a huge impact on my life and made me look at things differently; both my relationship to 'stuff' and being more mindful concerning what I buy and why. It also changed the way I look at myself and somehow made me more grounded. I rather own fewer things that I really love using, than owning more stuff 'just because'. It is such a relief not to own clothes I never use. Every piece of clothing I own today is something that I like and use.

I try to be conscious about my choice of clothing. Since most of my clothes are a few years old, they are from brands that I wouldn't support today. When I buy clothes today, I buy secondhand or from sustainable or ethical brands.

The most effective way to have a small wardrobe with only a few pieces of clothing is to make sure that all (or at least almost all) of them work for different occasions. I try to have clothes which I can wear to both a relatively formal event, to work and to university. The trick is to have some pieces that make the outfit look more dressed up or down. For example, I might wear sneakers to a lecture at university or when spending time with friends and using heels when I am going out.

Another trick if you want to have a small wardrobe is to make sure that everything matches. Not just the style of the clothing, but also the colours. I only use colours such as black, grey, white, dark blue et cetera. I don't really like to wear colourful clothes (except red, since it always makes me so happy), so this is my personal choice of colours.

Back to the point. Why do I love owning fewer clothes? Here are a few points to sum things up:

  • Fewer decisions to make. Not owning a lot of clothes minimises the time spent on deciding what to wear. I want to spend my time doing other things than deciding what clothes to wear. With a minimalist wardrobe I can put on anything and it will most probably work.
  • The wardrobe does not get messy. It is actually rather difficult to make a mess when there are not enough clothes to make a mess with. If the wardrobe gets messy anyway, it literally takes just a few minutes to tidy up.
  • Less laundry. Even though the number of laundries might not be fewer, it takes less time and energy when you do not have to wash so many clothes.
  • Waste less time and energy. Since I do not have to make as many decisions, spend a huge amount of time on laundry or tidy up my closet, I save a lot of time and energy.
  • It is easy to pack my bag when going on holiday. When everything works together, it makes packing my suitcase very easy.