July 30 was spent with a friend of mine. I borrowed a car and drove to pick him up, before heading on our small adventure. We had decided to take a day to visit the beach and have a picnic. I do not even remember when I last drove a car. Maybe a year ago? It feels a bit weird to drive when you haven't for a while. Anyway, after picking him up we drove to Stenshuvud national park here in Skåne/Österlen. I was there maybe two years ago with some friends and it was a really pleasant experience.

Since my friend grew up in Skåne, he has been to Stenshuvud national park more than a few times. He decided to show me his secret hideout and then we spent the day on the beach. I had such a great time. The weather was excellent and I loved being in the water to cool down. If you are visiting Skåne during the summer, I highly recommend you visit Stenshuvud national park. It's really a great place for especially families with kids.