I lived in Malmö for four years, between 2014 and 2018, and right around the corner from where I used to live there is a store called Uma Bazaar. Uma Bazaar is a quite small boutique, but with a lot to offer - a passion to make a difference. Not only do they sell clothes and other smaller items from sustainable brands, but they also know a lot about the clothing industry. Every time I have had a question, they have always been able to give me an excellent answer.

Since I wanted to write a post about this store, and could not find all the answers online, I decided to contact them and ask my questions directly. This post is, therefore, a combination of information I have found online and information I have gotten from the founder Elisabeth Gudmundson.

In 2005, when Uma Bazaar opened its doors to the world, Elisabeth Gudmundson wanted to offer an alternative to fast fashion. Showing people that it is possible to dress nicely without having to go the fast fashion-route was of importance and while doing this they were also able to make a business of selling clothes which promotes a more sustainable fashion industry; by promoting living wages and other important parts of fair working conditions.

Elisabeth told me about the different brands and explained that they could be divided into two teams; the ones who are completely transparent and those who lack transparency. Some of the brands which are considered to be completely transparent are People Tree, Komodo, Thought, Dedicated, MUD Jeans, KOI and Swedish Stockings. They make sure to put all the information about their production on their website, for anyone to read. Working with issues concerning sustainability is seen as one of the main focuses of their businesses.

A brand you can find at Uma Bazaar, which is not considered a part of the fully transparent team, is Mbym. Elisabeth told me that Mbym uses the same kind of materials as other sustainable brands, from Lenzing, but they do not communicate this on their website. There are in other words things that could be better in regard to the brand Mbym, but that they trust this brand.

In short, I would say that Uma Bazaar is an excellent resource if you want to be a more conscious consumer. They offer clothes from several sustainable, so-called slow fashion, brands and they are truly passionate about changing the fashion industry. If you have any questions regarding fashion and sustainability, especially concerning the brands they offer, I am sure that you would get a satisfying answer from them. Do not forget that they have an online shop and the one time when I have ordered online from them, the service was excellent. 

Uma Bazaar

Uma Bazaar Malmö
Per Weijersgatan 9, 211 34 Malmö