Advice on Selling Things After Decluttering


These are a few examples of pictures I recently used while selling things online. It is important that the pictures really show the item you want to sell, so please note that the colours in these pictures are not true. In the ads I do not change the colours.

Sell the small things as well. Even smaller items might be sold for a decent price. It might be easy to assume that small, and less expensive things, are not worth selling. Sometimes I agree with this and decide to donate the item instead. However, I usually try to sell everything before deciding to give it to charity. 

Take good photos. It is, according to my experience, to try to take good photos of the things you are selling. This also means ironing clothes and cleaning other things so everything looks nice and fresh. I usually try to take pictures with natural light near a window during the day; both a picture of the whole item, as well as pictures of details so the buyer can see the quality of for example a piece of clothing.

Write a good description of the item. I know that I want to know the details of something I am buying, so I am assuming potential buyers want the same from my ads. When was the item bought? In what condition is it in? Why are you selling it? What material is it made of?

Be open-minded. I sold so many things I did not think anyone would want to buy. Imagine my surprise when I was wrong again and again. I was selling a pair of wellies I thought no one was interested in. It turned out to be from a popular brand and the auction price went from around 300 SEK to 2 000+ SEK. 

Do not procrastinate. Sometimes it takes time to sell things, so it is better to start as soon as possible. It is also easier to renew an ad if an item is not sold during the "right time" (for example a winter jacket being sold in spring och summer).

Set a higher price in the beginning. If I am not in a hurry to get rid of something, I tend to set a higher price than I might expect people to buy it for. Sometimes I am wrong about the pricing, so it is better to "feel the market" - rather than selling for way to low. It also depends on the item. I tend to set a low and symbolic price on some items or give them away for free. My experience is that it is better to set a very low price though (5-20 SEK), otherwise there have been a few very unserious people showing up or calling me non stop. I also recommend looking up places to donate the things, if you want to donate them.

Put up several things at once, so the auction ends around the same time. This makes shipping so much easier, considering you can send all the things at once. 

There are several services available for selling things online. I usually use Facebook Marketplace for things I do not want to send, and Tradera for the rest. On Tradera (which one can use in Sweden) it is also possible to have an auction as well, which makes things easier sometimes.