Pretty cool, right? I read about Leafymade in Vegomagasinet earlier this year and got these plates from a friend. Conventional disposables are linked to issues such as deforestation, pollution, littering and complicated recycling processes. The products from Leafymade are made of leaves of the Shorea Robusta trees in India and are 100% biodegradable. The leaves are sterilised and cleaned before being shaped using a hot pressing machine.

Leafymade tackles several of the Sustainable Development Goals, which you can read more about on their website. They credit the local people's knowledge by producing the products in Odisha (India) and make sure that the production is done under good working conditions and with fair salaries, which means a safety net for the employees. Thus Leafymade is not only working for a more environmentally sustainable world but also a socially sustainable.

I think you can find them at ICA Kvantum Gränby in Uppsala. If you have to use plates for a picnic or something, these are actually pretty great!